Packing is an integral part of moving or relocating. Often, the focus is more on whether the moving is intercity or interstate, if it is residential or commercial and what kind of financial protection would be in the offing. All of these are also integral to the whole exercise but eventually it all begins with packing and ends with unpacking.

For you to consider a mover, you should always pay equal heed to packing as you would consider the estimate, the turnaround time, the insurance and the associated services such as storage facilities. There are various kinds of packing methods and the chosen approach will depend entirely on the kinds of possessions you have. Residential packing is different from commercial packing. Short distance moving demands a certain kind of packing and long distance or interstate moving demands a more robust packing method. Also, the fragility of the items, the sheer size or volume of the total cargo, the possibility of disassembling certain large fixtures or the lack of that possibility; all such factors would come into play while planning the methods of packing.

M and M Moving & Storage Is A Packing Expert

Do you know that efficient and safe packing can counter all other challenges, foreseen or unforeseen? You may presume that a difficult route or a poor quality truck would threaten the integrity and safety of your possessions. While those are contributing factors, the primary element is the quality of packing that determines if your possessions would be safe.

We take a multipronged approach to packing. Also, we don’t have a generic method that we apply to all kinds of fixtures. Our packing methods are clearly segregated for different kinds of items. Furniture, for instance, is packed with blankets so there aren’t any scratches. Fragile items are first wrapped and then placed in suspension within sturdy packages so they don’t break or get damaged due to any external impact. Similar fixtures are packed together and unique objects are completely segregated. From packing the individual items to clubbing a few similar ones together, every exercise that we undertake has sound logic substantiating the relevance and significance of the method. Even when we place the various packages in the trucks, they are all sequenced and placed according to their type and the nature of packing they have.

We are as much a moving expert as we are packing experts. With us in charge of your possessions, you don’t have to invite even an ounce of anxiety.

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